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Related article: most graceful and artistic among the crowds of modern pictures — Imogen, Princess Flavia, Rosa- lind, Juliet, Babbie ; all bring us again under their spell. We will bless the happy day when we shall see their representatives again in new parts; perhaps we should bless the occasions still more that would revive these now well-known visions of grace and beauty. Mr. Whyte's book is unique in its conception and execution. There is no room for a rival to it in its own subject and it is Buy Revia not likely that we can ever see its superior. The complete history of the Belvoir Hunt still remains to be written, but in the meantime we have two valuable contributions* of material which can be neg- lected by no writer on hunting in the future. There can be no Revia Buy doubt that the Belvoir Hunt occupies the first place among English packs. It is not, indeed, the * " Reminiscences of Frank Gilford and the Bel- voir Hunt," by C. Bradley. oldest of which we have record, but it is very much the most important. The blood of the Belvoir kennel circulates through every pack of any reputation aid importance in the kingdom, and like the thoroughbred horse, the Bel voir-bred hound seems suitable to every kind of country. The present writer having a taste for hound lore has carefully collected Order Revia the opinions of our leading hunts- men on this subject. A hunts- man's livelihood depends on his being able to show sport, and he is, therefore, not likely to praise any strains of blood which do not show good results in the field, however beautiful they may look on the flags. But one and all bear testimony to the working powers of certain Belvoir strains, and " Weathergauge for work* might well be adopted as a maxim for breeding hounds. Nor is this strain good only over the flying pastures of Leicestershire, where Revia 50 Mg the time-honoured turf carries a screaming scent. Over the Oakley ploughs, across the cold scenting tracks of the York and Ainsty, in the great woodlands of the Grafton, the praise of the Weathergauge blood and of the Belvoir blood is in Revia Tablets every hunts- man's mouth. For the story of the breeding of " Weathergauge," and the per- petuation of the strain, we cannot have better guides than Mr. Cuthbert Bradley, sportsman, author and artist, and Frank Gillard, who was the sixth of the series of great huntsmen who have done so much to make the Belvoir kennel what it is. In the handsome book now lying before us many people will find both amusement and instruction. The story of the last twenty-six years of the Belvoir Hunt is full of interest, and the portraits of the masters and followers of the hunt I*»] THE SPORTSMAN S LIBRARY. "3 are sketched in with a firmness of outline and a sureness of touch which comes only of perfect knowledge and long familiarity. The late Duke of Rutland is, perhaps, naturally one of the best portraits in the book. For all his life he was a keen sportsman and a hard rider while health lasted, loving in his younger days, as Marquis of Revia Price Granby, to ride four- year-olds, and subscribing to Dick Christian's opinion that young horses are safer than old ones. His love for the chase never failed even when the long weary days of ill Discount Revia health forbade him to take an active part in the hunt. This threw a great responsibility upon Gillard, who, for some years, was practically master as well as huntsman. Revia Cost How well he bore himself in that difficult position the book before us will help readers to judge. Never once in the course of its pages have the limits of good taste been over- passed, although in this book many names have necessarily been used. There was Sir Thomas Which- cote, of Aswarly Hall, in whose coverts dwelt, it was said, the largest Revia Online foxes in Lincolnshire, and who had some of the best horses that ever fell to the lot of man in his stables, and has left to his successor a series of excellent portraits by Ferneley, which are let into the panels of the dining room. Sir Thomas Whichcote not only kept good horses, but rode them hard. The Messrs. Hutchinson, of Grantham, the Misses Heathcote, the five light- weight sisters whom no Lincoln- shire fence can stop, and one at least of whom generally gets to the end of every great run. Naturally the Leicestershire ride is less interesting to the historian, for the field in that part of the country is made up, to a great extent, of the birds of passage who are drawn by the fame of " Belvoir's sweet vale," and the wider Quorn pastures. But if the Buy Revia Online men and women who hunt come and go the sport is generally brilliant, and Melton Spinney has given at least as many good runs as any covert in the hunt. Then the reader will learn how the present Duke, though he sought and found dis- tinction in political life, loved the cry of hounds in his youth, and went well when he gave himself a holiday, and how deep an interest he took, and still takes, in the pack being kept up to a high standard of excellence. Perhaps, if we had to find fault we should say that trie pruning knife might have been used with advan- tage on the stories of runs. But, on the whole, we have nothing but praise for a book which fulfils the first duty of its existence, and is eminently readable. The various sketches which adorn the pages we can praise, both for the spirit and life and movement in the drawings, and for the pains which the artist has been at to give to his background the real character of the country over which the hounds hunt. The volume is well printed and well got up, and the frontispiece is a life-like portrait of the kindly, courtly, skilful huntsman who for twenty-six years showed sport unrivalled in the field, and in the kennel gave to the Belvoir pack the dash, the working power, and the tongue so needed by hounds. It was Gillard's great work that he restored the vanished music to the pack, and surely the now dispersed chorus is one of the pleasures of hunting. Only a few days before these words were written the writer saw a well- known pack of bitches find their fox without even a warning note 124